Activated charcoal filter “Air Control”

Activated Charcoal Filter


For cooker hoods operating in recirculating mode often charcoal filter mats are used to remove unpleasant odours.

There are a lot of different qualities of activated charcoal mats. The manufacturing and activation method as well as the basic raw material are decisive for the quality. Especially it depends on the inner surface as well as on the pore structure how many odours the activated charcoal can absorb.

Due to its high amount of activated charcoal and highly porous structure our highly activated charcoal absorbs very reliably unpleasant odours for a long time.

A common problem is that it is often forgotten to change the “hidden” filter in the hood in time. This might be dangerous as a saturated filter may influence the function of the hood; furthermore due to the collected grease it implicates an extreme safety respectively fire risk.


In order to minimize this risk we developed an external, self-adhesive exchange indicator that can be stuck on the hood or pin board.

The filter can be cut to size and is therefore suitable for all standard cooker hoods up to 60 cm width. Besides two indicators also a pair of disposable gloves for hygienic filter change is attached to the product.

Stick the timestrip® on a place clearly visible (e.g. cooker hood). Then press firmly the START bubble - crack! After a few minutes a thin stripe appears in the window - the timestrip® is now activated!

After 3 months the window is completely coloured – for optimum efficiency you should change the filter now!