Activated charcoal filter “Super Air Control”
Activated charcoal filter

Activated charcoal filter “Super Air Control”


Regarding cooker hoods operating in recirculating mode, charcoal filter mats or cartridges are used to remove unpleasant odours.

Charcoal filter mats contain relatively little activated charcoal, therefore they need to be changed frequently. Moderately priced charcoal cartridges do contain on average only 130 grams activated charcoal in order to absorb odours. High-quality charcoal cartridges are expensive and may cost up to € 70,- and more depending on type. The environmental balance of both products is viewed critically.

With immediate effect there is an alternative, the PICARO activated charcoal filter „Super Air Control“. The “combs” of the filter are filled with 400 grams activated charcoal. The filter can be cut to the requested size (see instruction sheet) and is therefore universally suitable for almost all cooker hoods (also combinable for hoods with metal grease filters).


Cut to size

Cutting to size on the
right or on the left



What are the advantages of the product compared to charcoal filter mats?

Up to 15 times more activated charcoal —> no more need to change the filter frequently, usually once a year is sufficient. Charcoal filter mats have to be changed after 3 months at the latest —> this means that you will need at least 4 filters a year, a PICARO activated charcoal filter „Super Air Control“ does significantly cost less and eliminate unpleasant odours much more reliable!

What are the advantages of the product compared to activated charcoal cartridges?

Contains up to 4 times more activated charcoal —> requires less changing —> saves a lot of money and removes unpleasant odours very reliable! Equal filtration performance compared to expensive branded cartridges —> saves a lot of money!

What differentiates the filter else?

Due to heat-resistant, elastic loops the filter can also be fixed to hoods with metal grease filters (in which up to now only the expensive activated charcoal cartridges could be used). Universally suitable as easy to cut to size —> at last, there is an alternative for older cooker hoods for which no further charcoal cartridges are available. Ecologically friendly —> in contrast to the other products the filter largely consists of the natural product activated charcoal.


A common problem with filters is that it is often forgotten to change the „hidden“ filter in the hood in time. This might be dangerous as a saturated filter may influence the function of the hood; furthermore due to the collected grease it implicates an extreme safety respectively fire risk. In order to minimize this risk we developed an external self-adhesive exchange indicator that can be stuck on the hood or pin board.

Besides the replacement indicator, also a pair of disposable gloves for hygienic filter change is attached to the product.

Stick the timestrip® on a place clearly visible (e.g. cooker hood). Then press firmly the START bubble – crack! After a few minutes a thin stripe appears in the window - the timestrip® is now activated!

After 6 months the window is completely coloured – for optimum efficiency you should change the filter now!


Instruction manual