White Wash - Cloth

White Wash - Cloth


During washing process the active substance that is included in the cloths will be released and ensures that clearly visible greyness and yellowing will be removed from the wash. Due to the excellent whitening properties of the PICARO White Wash - Cloth your laundry (all fiber types) will become brightly white again.

Suitable for all textiles – also delicates.

The used cloths are biodegradable (compostable).

Ingredients: Optical brightener,
no bleaching agent


1. Fill the washing machine as usual and use the washing powder quantities recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Depending on the level of greyness give 1 to max. 2 cloths into the washing drum to the laundry. Select the requested washing programme and start.

3. After use the cloths can be disposed of via bio bin or normal domestic waste.